AvidSphere Rebrand 


AvidSphere Inc. is a small company that provides direct mail, print, and digital marketing services in the region surrounding Lancaster County, PA.

The goals of the redesign were to establish credibility, and more accurately reflect a brand and company that is young, engaging, and always pushing forward.

It was important upfront that AvidSphere could articulate where they wanted to position themselves as a company in terms of tone, personality, and target audience. I walked the owners through a process which began with questionnaire of about 30 questions which acted as a way to flesh out how they wanted to be seen as a company.

From that original document, sketches began, and eventually the first round of thumbnails. The final logo came from a progression of revisions made to an early concept.

The use of the blue/green to pink gradient was a key component in reflecting the modernity that was trying to be communicated before.

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 4.56.58 AM.jpg