Evicted Documentary Title Sequence


"Eviction is far more prevalent than most people think and far less part of the discussion around poverty in this country."

Jeffrey Brown

Design a title sequence for a movie

The goal for this title sequence was to capture the tone of the book "Evicted" by Matthew Desmond by utilizing elements of the book and eviction process as visual supports.

To achieve this, I utilized the repetition of moving lines which imitate the boxed in layouts of many legal documents. To support the structure lines, I used text fields that imitated the blank areas where defendants would fill out paperwork when they were taken to court by their landlord. The video clips, which are made up of clips of news reports, actual evictions, and interviews with the author, are juxtaposed in a way that is meant to imitate old documented footage and photographic evidence.

Finally, to progress the piece and add texture, I included the wind in the background to symbolize the cold reality of being evicted and being left in the harsh outdoors.

Tools used: Adobe After Effects