Sam Bernhardt
Product Designer & Software Engineer

I’m a technical, product-minded designer that loves making life easier for others.

I care equally about the people who use the products I design and the people that I collaborate with. I'm constantly looking for ways to empower product, design, and engineering teams with efficiency, clarity, and scalability in delivering product value.

Currently, I'm designing products for educator growth and working on design systems at KickUp.

Case study

View Data Permissions

A KickUp feature to help users understand how their data is being used.

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Case study

Redesigning KickUp's Color System

Designing for dev experience, guaranteed contrast, and themability.

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Can I specifically use

Use real user data to check if you can use the latest web features on your favorite sites.

iPad Cursor

A web implementation of the iPadOS cursor.

Pretty diff

Compare the files in two directores in a way that's easier to understand.

Sam Bernhardt • 2024